‘Blueprint for Change’ works to change lives & living spaces

Photo Courtesy: Samantha Collins

MARQUETTE — “Design is more than just a pretty space. It really can impact the way we live our lives, the way that we run our business and the way that we feel in a space.”

Allison Clark loves to design things. Whether it’s a home or just one-room, the Marquette native has been doing it professionally the last five years through her business, Curio Design Studio.

Clark came up with an idea she coined, ‘Blueprint for Change’, a way to give back to the community by designing and remodeling a room for one lucky person.

“I think everyone is in to HGTV, Extreme Home Makeover and all of those shows,” said Clark. “People could get involved and businesses could get involved in making a difference in someone’s life.”

Over sixty nominations came into Clark. In June, the decision was made to redesign a room for Charlotte Newcomb, 7, who suffers from cyclical vomiting syndrome, a chronic condition that causes recurring attacks of intense vomiting.

“We really wanted to make sure that the design elements we were putting into the space really spoke to the specific needs; storage needs, clean-ability, durability, the ability for the space to be darkened,” said Clark.

Clark worked with local small businesses, corporate sponsors and volunteers to make the renovation happen. It took six weeks of planning and a week of construction to transform the playroom at the Newcomb residence into a multi-purpose room.

“It was amazing. It was a huge payoff to a lot of work and a lot of planning from every person who volunteered their time, their services and donated items,” said Clark. “It was really gratifying to see it come together.”

The room was put together to not only benefit Charlotte, but her sisters as well. Clark says the first Blueprint for Change was successful.

She’s looking forward to being involved with another one next year.