HOUGHTON — A Michigan gubernatorial candidate is making stops in the Upper Peninsula this week. Shri Thanedar immigrated to the United States in 1979 and became a citizen nine years later.

Thanedar said he wants the voters to understand that he is not a traditional politician, but a scientist and a small-business owner. He also wants to get more people involved in conversations about different types of policies.

“I want to work with both sides to solve problems, make sure that the stakeholder is at the table when we are talking about issues and problems. If we’re talking about education, I want to make sure that the teachers are at the table and the educators, the parents, the administrators are in there,” said Thanedar.

He wants to make sure that Career and Technical Education programs are maintained in middle and high schools so people do not need to or have to attend a traditional four-year college.

“The level of education has gone down steadily in Michigan. We used to be in the Top 10 and now we are in the 30s,” said Thanedar. “People should be able to learn the skills so that they can get a good-paying job and live a good-quality life.”

Thanedar currently leads the gubernatorial field in funds at hand.