CALUMET TOWNSHIP– Parents in the Keweenaw now have a way to double check the safety of their child’s car seat, thanks to Aspirus Keweenaw.

Jenn Jenich-Laplander is committed to keeping local kids safe on the road. Jenich-Laplander received her National Child Passenger Safety Technician Certification from Safe Kids Worldwide and is ready to set up car seat checks for caregivers in the area.

“My role as a certified passenger safety technician is to educate caregivers on the proper selection, installation and use of a car seat, booster seat and seat belts,” said Jenich-Laplander.

The best car seat is one that fits the child, fits in the vehicle and one that the caregiver is able to install every single time, according to Jeninch-Laplander. She also suggests that parents do research when purchasing a car seat for their child because the most expensive option isn’t necessarily always the best option.

“All car seats are crash-tested the same, so, they’re put through all the same crash testing to make sure that they will properly work in the event of a car crash,” said Jenich-Laplander.

There is one type of car seat, though, that parents should be extra cautious with.

“A lot of times, you’ll see car seats for sale at garage sales and those types of car seats, you don’t know their history, whether they’ve been in a crash, if they’re recalled or if they’re expired,” said Jenich-Laplander. “So, a lot of times, we don’t tell you not to buy that one, but make sure you know where you’re getting it from and the history to make sure it’s the safest for your child.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment for a car seat check, call Jenn Jenich-Laplander at Aspirus Keweenaw (337-6541).