MARQUETTE — Mattson Lower Harbor Park is always a happening place this time of the year.

In addition to Food Fest, volunteers and members of the National Guard from Sault Ste. Marie are putting the finishing touches on this year’s Marquette Area Fourth of July Fireworks. The National Guard unloaded the barges into the Upper Harbor Sunday and spent Monday setting them up for the show.

More than 1,800 rockets will make up this year’s half–hour long show. Tom Baldini, who chairs the fireworks committee, says it takes forty–five thousand dollars in donations and a lot of volunteers to make it all happen.

“We have some people who give a big chunk of money, like $3,500,” said Baldini. “Then there are others who send in $5 or $10. And as I often say a dollar here, a dollar there and before long it adds all up and you get your money for the event.”

Looking forward to Tuesday night’s show, Baldini says the perfect weather scenario would be no rain, no fog, and a little wind to blow the smoke from the fireworks away. The show begins at dusk.