CRYSTAL FALLS — A new motel in the U.P. had its grand opening today with the help from an unusual guest.

Off of U.S. 2, the Bigfoot Hideaway is designed to give locals or passersby the glimpse of a legend.

The six bedroom motel began taking reservations today at their grand opening event. Bigfoot is no stranger to the area with other themed businesses and many claiming that they have had encounters. Owner Lucy Ramos got the inspiration from her sister, who is a fan of the big man.

The owner claims that the motel would not have been possible without the support from the community.

“The people are just very loving, they’re kind, they’re friendly, and very neighborly. We wanted it to be a friendly, clean, open environment for everybody that comes up here to Crystal Falls,” said Owner, Lucy Ramos.

People have come from all around to check out the new establishment. A mother and daughter from Wisconsin drove out to see the motel and there was also a special guest.

“Even Bigfoot himself heard about it and just had to be at our opening. He bugged and asked if he could please come out just today for it,” said Property Manager, Dorris Cornwell.

On the outside of the motel, a mural is painted. The forest themed work was completed over the course of two weeks by muralist, James Finlan.

“It was a difficult process but I’m really really pleased with how it happened,” said Finlan.

The work has little Bigfoots hidden throughout, which like the real Bigfoot, are hard to find. When asked if they believed in the popular myth, there was some debate.

“I think everybody has bigfoot in their heart and their imagination,” said Cornwell.
“I’m on the fence. Could be, I don’t know,” added Finlan.

If you are a believer yourself or a skeptic, all are welcome to the Bigfoot Hideaway Motel.