HOUGHTON — From L’Anse to Ontonagon and from Houghton to Copper Harbor,the Keweenaw has countless opportunities to get outside and enjoy what the area has to offer.

Experience the Keweenaw was about just that—getting people out an active, promoting the community and its resources and creating awareness of a new fund. The Keweenaw Community Foundation has had a large number of recreation applications over the last few years seeking a substantial amount of money.

Keweenaw Community Foundation Executive Director Kevin Store said, “One of the things that the foundation did over this past weekend is we announced a new foundation, a fund, that is going to be the Portage Health Foundation Community Wellness and Outdoor Recreation Fund, and we’re actually putting about $750,000 into that endowment that will be used every year to grant monies back out to our community.”

Those funds will be dispersed to the community in the form of support for matching grants and small projects. The slate of outdoor activities through Memorial Day weekend was part of the kickoff for promoting the area’s recreational resources.

$25,000 was invested by the foundation for the event…which expands on the annual Ride the Keweenaw event put on by the Copper Harbor Trails Club. Michigan Tech’s Outdoor Adventure Program and the Keweenaw Land Trust also partnered with them to improve access to outdoor recreation and boost the local economy.