MARQUETTE– One local university is wrapping up a week long event celebrating world languages and showing students how they could learn more about the world around them.

It’s World Language Day at Northern Michigan University.

The university held a number of different events throughout the day including Anishinaabemowin lessons and presentations from students who studied in foreign countries.

One organizer said that learning another language teaches students a number of different skills and prepares them for the world.

“It’s really crucial the United States is actually the third or fourth largest Spanish speaking country in the world, for instance,” said Amy Orf, Assistant Professor of Spanish. “So it’s really important that students actually learn foreign languages to open up their eyes to different ways of living, different cultures and even to open opportunities for them in terms of their careers and their profession.”

Orf said that she hoped students would get excited about the potential to study abroad and the possibility of learning another language.