Gov. Snyder speaks to 40 below professionals

MARQUETTE– Governor Rick Snyder spoke out to the 40 Below Young Professionals Friday morning. Snyder said Michiganders tend to be humble, but he wants us to brag about all the good things we have to offer here in our State.

The Sky Room at the Landmark Inn was packed full of eager local business professionals. The young professionals asked curious questions about Michigan’s economy, the right to work, and what got Snyder where he is today.

“The last thing you want is to have someone come to your community about setting up business and have them hear people in the local community complaining about people in the next town over, or try to compete with them,” (R) Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder said. ” I mean to hear someone in Marquette bad mouth Escanaba or vice versa or even take Negaunee and Ishpeming.”

Snyder shared with the room, a story of his hometown Battle Creek, arguing with Kalamazoo eventually losing plans for a fully paid airport, all due to competitiveness and lack of community.

“That’s an example of how a local battle overshadowed, they didn’t see the forest through the trees,” Rep. Beau LaFave. “So I think in our own area obviously we have great high school rivals, for football, basketball, and hockey, all of these wonderful sports. Lets not forget that at the end of the day it should be U.P. first, then Michigan, and then the country.”

Although community seemed to be the message of value today, some in the community think otherwise. Protesters with signs outside the landmark highlighted topics such as the Flint Water Crisis, Snyder’s environmental plans, and the Tilden mine.

“Please consider an extension of the unemployment benefits for these minors. Their families are suffering, the work in Marquette County,” said President of local 494 Tilden Mine Tony Lakenen.

Lakenen said although there is work around the U.P. it hasn’t helped the miners.