Opening comments for Cochran trial

CRYSTAL FALLS– Today was day number two of Kelly Cochran’s murder trial.

The trial was delayed around three hours this morning for an unexpected legal issue that Iron County Prosecutor Melissa Powell declined to comment on.

Opening comments for both sides began in the afternoon.

The prosecutor said that Cochran and her deceased husband, Jason Cochran, were “Bonded in Blood.”

Powell gave the jury copies of her presentation, which included copies of text messages sent by Cochran to both her husband and the victim, Christopher Regan.

During his opening comments, Cochran’s defense lawyer, Michael Scholke, said Cochran’s husband was solely behind the murder and his client was acting out of fear for her own life.

“I hope you find the defendant guilty of aiding and abetting Jason Cochran in the murder of Christopher Karl Regan by plotting and planning his death and luring him to his funeral,” said Melissa Powell.

“We believe that the evidence will show that Jason, Mr. Cochran, acted alone in the murder of Mr. Regan and that Kelly had no knowledge of that,” said Michael Scholke.

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