Locals pack into auditoroium for popular vintage automobile presentation

MARQUETTE — The Kaufman Auditorium was nearly packed to maximum capacity Thursday nightas locals gathered to hear the ever-popular presentation, ‘Hit the Road.’ Hosted by photographer Jack Deo, the presentation doveinto the early automobile scene in Marquette.

Deo worked with a handful of car-enthusiasts over the course of a year to gather old photos and movies. These local figures were Dick Lutey of Heritage Motors, Dan Hornbogen, former owner of a Studebaker dealership, motorcycle collector Dan Henderson and Rosemary Michelin, who has a vast knowledge on the first car in Marquette.

According to Michelin, the first automobile that made its way into the area was a Winton from Cleveland, Ohio in 1899 and it took 15 days to make the journey. This was just one of the several facts attendees got to enjoy during the presentation.

“Marquette has the greatest history of any town in Michigan, any town in the Midwest,” Deo said. “I mean, we have stories to tell and to continue and you’re going to hear some amazing ones here tonight too.”

This is the fourth year in a row the presentation has been held. Organizers pointed out that this was the first time ‘Hit the Road’ was held on a night that it wasn’t a blizzard outside. Deo said the snow certainly didn’t stop attendees from coming as it always draws a large crowd, similar toThursday’s.