Don’t get bitten by frostbite

NEGAUNEE — The snow can often be exciting and even magical, but unfortunately cold temperatures come with the beauty. Whether you are building a snowman or just shoveling the driveway, there is one thing to watch out for, and that is frostbite.

Any exposed part of the skin is susceptible to getting frost bit. Wearing the appropriate winter gear is essential while outdoors during the season. Signs that you are experiencing frost bite include blanching of the skin, numbness, and often time’s pain in the exposed area.

If you believe that you are experiencing frostbite, the next step is to get to a warm place.

“The first thing you should do is get to a warmer place of course, getting inside. You can put the area that you think is frostbitten into a warm bowl of water, it might be painful of you do that but re-warming it slowly is one option,” said Nurse Practitioner, Tina BamBach.

It’s encouraged that if you are experiencing a great deal of pain to visit the nearest emergency room or walk-in clinic. Differentiating between frostbite and just being cold can be determined by the exposed area’s mobility and numbness.

The best way to prevent frostbite is to stay bundled up during the winter months, especially when temperatures reach the single digits.