City ice rinks open for public use

MARQUETTE — One of the most popular wintertime activities in theUpper Peninsulas is now available to participate from dawn until dusk. And, it doesn’t cost a thing for you to go outside and hit the ice.

The City of Marquette’s outdoor ice rinks opened up for the season this week. Two ice rinks are available for the public to use.

One of the ice rinks is located at the corner of Spring and Seventh Streets. The other pond is at the north Marquette ball field area on Presque Isle Avenue.

“They’re pretty heavily used especially over the holidays,” said Scott Cambensy, Superintendent of Public Works. “It’s really important to get them up especially with the kids out of school. They get real heavy use at that time; there’s also a Marquette Pond Hockey League.”

“Essentially we’re coming out here when the weather conditions permit,” Cambensy added. “We’re sweeping them and flooding them. Sometimes you get a real good snowfall and you’re out here with a plow to get the heavier stuff off first.”

During the nighttime hours, lights will brighten both rinks until 11:00 p.m. Bathrooms are setup at each location for skaters to use.