Despite report, movie theatre not closing

ISHPEMING — If you’ve been by the Country Village in Ishpeming lately, you’ve probably noticed that a number of businesses have closed up shop. The BP Gas Station and the Village Laundromat are no longer in business.

Despite rumors and a report, one of the staples of the Country Village is not closing. The Country Village Cinema, located next to Ace Hardware, is open for business.

Michelle Lamere, who is co-owner of the movie theatre, says there are no plans to close the theatre anytime soon.

“We have no plans on closing. That was just a rumor. I don’t know how it started, but it’s very damaging to us to even say that. No we are not closing,” said Lamere.

“This time of year is our busy season. The studios release all of their holiday movies, so we have an opportunity to show a lot of new movies in one week. This week we are starting three new movies,” Lamere added.

The Country Village Cinema is a locally-owned, independent movie theatre. To find out what’s currently playing at the Country Village Cinema, click HERE.