Girl Scouts wrap gifts as part of trip fundraiser

MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — It’s one of those things that you’re either really good or really bad at doing. Wrapping gifts is a big part of the holiday season.

And if you have a tough time wrapping your gifts for friends and family, you could always have someone else do it for you. The Westwood Mall has a gift wrapping booth setup right next to the Hallmark Store.

Girl Scout Troop 5101 is wrapping gifts for a small financial donation. A portion of the money they receive from gift wrapping will go towards their trip to New York next year.

The girls say they have a pretty good grip on how to wrap the perfect gift.

“We get to design them ourselves with the people’s help,” said Taylor Kemppainen about wrapping gifts as part of her Girl Scout fundraiser. “When you fold everything up, you have to make sure it’s what the person likes,” she added.

“I like putting the ribbon on and the bows, they’re pretty,” said Girl Scout Maddy Stern. “You have to make sure you get the right length of wrapping paper to fit the present to make sure it goes all over the present,” Maddy added.

The troop will be at the mall wrapping Christmas gifts through the rest of the holiday season.