Winter essentials while on the road

MARQUETTE — Icy roads, whiteout conditions, and not to mention the occasional deer crossing, these are just some of the obstacles drivers can face in the U.P.

Winter came a little bit later than usual here in the Upper Peninsula but now it’s time to get you and your vehicle ready for the slippery conditions ahead of us for the next couple of months. So what exactly do you need to remain safe while driving in the snowy conditions? We have some tips from the help of Frei Chevrolet.

“Washer solvent would be something we would recommend, a toe strap would be a wonderful thing, and actually a blanket would be a good thing. Jumper cables would be another good thing and then to certainly have good windshield wipers and that your heater and tire are in good shape too,” said Frei Chevrolet Owner, Jim Grundstrom.

These essential items are extremely useful to have in your car during the winter season, another must have item is a scraper of any kind. Ensuring that you prepare your car before hitting the road such as scrapping a clear view in the windshield or using a remote starter, can assure you make it to your destination safely. Winter tires are also something that you might want to add to the checklist.

“We want to make sure that you have great tires and whether they are all season radials or they are actual snow tires, it just depends on how aggressive you want the tread. Actually, in Upper Michigan a lot of our customers are going back to the good old days of having a complete set of snow tires and a complete set of the all season radials, like your car would come with right from the factory,” said Grundstrom.

Keeping your headlights on while the snow is coming down can be easier for other drivers to stop you. While all General Motors vehicles come with daytime running lamps, not all other manufacturers have adapted this into their vehicles.
Nevertheless, having the previously listed items in your car can be live-saving; slowing down in unfavorable conditions is going to make the biggest impact.

“When it’s slippery out, it’s slipper out, and that sounds a little mundane but the reality of the situation is that it’s the time to slow down. It’s the time to make sure you have your headlights on,” added Grundstrom.

Although it’s not required, something also useful to have is some sand bags or cat litter just in case of an emergency situation.