Locals line up at Best Buy for day two of deals

MARQUETTE — It was day two for shoppers across the nation as Black Friday deals continued into Friday morning. And that trend certainly followed suit in the U.P.

Some locals were up early Friday morning to get a jumpstart on Best Buy’s Black Friday sale.

The store opened its doors at 8am, letting in a long flow of locals anxious to get some early Christmas shopping done. This was day two of sales for Best Buy, which was open from 5pm until 1am yesterday as well.

While some customers in line had a set shopping agenda, other were casually checking out the deals.

“I’m actually being dragged along by my family so they’re actually the ones doing all the shopping and I’m just looking to see what kind of special deals there are and if something strikes my fancy,” said Black Friday shopper, Maureen Spiessl.

Spiessl and her family started at Target and planned on ending up at Kohl’s, hitting Walmart on the way. She said she was very appreciative for the early opening hours.

“It’s nicer for business to open up earlier here in the U.P. because it’s colder than most places,” Spiessl added. “It’s really nice that big businesses do that, like Best Buy.”

There are only 29 days left until Christmas.