Art exhibit uses dolls to celebrate Native American oral storytelling

MARQUETTE– A new exhibit opened up at a local university and the artists was there herself this afternoon to show it off and talk about her work.

Mohawk–Indian Artist Elizabeth Doxtater came to the DeVos Art Museum at Northern Michigan University for the opening of the “Art of Peace” exhibit.

The exhibit consisted of over 100 corn dolls that tell the story of two Native American stories that were traditionally past down orally. One of the main reasons why the artist created this work was to preserve the stories and the culture behind them.

“I really wanted to understand how the great law worked, how we carry the peace. I don’t have the language and our family had lost the language a couple of generations ago,” Doxtater said “So it was an important step to try and figure out how we can understand these stories in the English language for now while the language gets revitalized.”

If you would like to view the exhibit and learn more about the stories behind it, stop by the DeVos Art Musueum located on NMU’s Campus.