Political fair hoping to get young people involved in politics

ESCANABA– Students at Bay College had an opportunity to get ready for this November’s election today.

“Today I’m just coming down here because this is supposed to be an event for Constitution Day,” said student Kelsey Pepin. “It’s Bay’s way of getting the students involved in politics.”

Pepin came to Bay Cafe to meet local representatives, talk with them about their views, and see what some of the issues on the ballet are. She said, “It’s also a great chance to register to vote if we haven’t already.”

Even though Pepin is registered to vote, the Escanaba City Clerk, Robert Richards, said that many students had taken the chance to do so. Richards said “It’s good awareness for them, they find out if they’re registered or not, what they need to do to register.”

Pepin, hoping to find her voice in politics, felt this was a great opportunity to do so. She said, “I’m not politically involved very much, but I’m looking to get more politically involved.”

Many people at the event emphasized the importance of voting, Richards said “This is a right we have here in the United States and being a city clerk I think everybody should be registered to vote,”

The deadline to register to vote is October tenth, if you want to register to vote, contact your local county or city clerk.