MARQUETTE — A local non–profit organization hit a milestone this year when its assets soared over $15 million.

The Community Foundation of Marquette County utilizes money from donors to help support various areas of the community through grants and scholarships. The organization was founded in 1988 and had just $30,000 in its funds.

In the 28 years that have followed, that money was invested through endowments and saved. The interest that has accumulated is invested back into the community through projects like helping the Carnegie Library in Ishpeming replace their windows and funding scholarships for the schools.

The foundation has also played a part in helping fund more charitable affairs like the Free Store, which aids residents in obtaining necessities that aren’t covered by bridge cards like soap and shampoo.

“Philanthropic passion is something that we really pay a lot of attention to. When people care and want to give back to their communities, it’s very important that we listen to what they’re asking and follow through with that,” said Marquette County Community Foundation CEO, Gail Anthony.

“There are volunteers and people, whole armies of people, that do incredible things for other in Marquette County and it’s out privilege to be able to support those efforts,” she added.

Now that operations have become more stable, Anthony says the new goal is to double their current assets.

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