MARQUETTE — Time is running out to enjoy one of the more popular nighttime activities that you can do in Marquette this time of the year.

For the last three years, Lakeshore Fitness has offered night paddle boarding sessions on Lake Superior. The staff at Lakeshore strap-on forty-inch LED lights to the bottom of the boards, which allows paddlers to see what’s going on in the water below them.

Night paddle boarding offers outdoor enthusiasts another way to enjoy any body of water.

“Being out on the water, being able to see the city lights in pitch black, it’s pretty cool,” said Tina Neil, owner of Lakeshore Fitness. “It’s just taking advantage of Lake Superior all the time instead of just during the day.”

“We go as far into the season as Mother Nature allows,” said Grace Petschauer, assistant manager at Lakeshore Fitness. “Getting out on the water and being able to see the fall colors is a thing that we are hoping to be able to do this year.”

Night paddling is $50 a person. Day paddling classes are also offered for $35.

For more information about night paddling, click HERE.