MARQUETTE — Harbor Fest is coming up – and this year’s two-day event features some mesmerizing scenery.

The 33rd annual Harbor Fest takes place at Mattson Lower Harbor park, and the central attractions are the vessels loading up lake-side.

“We have the traditional sailing ships, also known as tall ships. These are those sort of Spanish-galleon type of ships that you’ve seen with all of the sails,” said Jennifer James-Mestoh, the President of the Marquette West Rotary Club.

She continued, “We also have some great Midwestern bands that we would hope people can come out and see. And we also have some great IPA, domestic, and craft beers.”

Today was the Harbor Fest waterfront gala; a recently added, fourth-year feature of the long-time tradition.

“The Harbor Festival raised about $500,000 total over the last several years, so this is a fantastic combination to what we’ve already been doing.”

Harbor Fest starts on the 26th of August and runs through the 27th. If you’re interested in seeing visiting ships such as the Pride of Baltimore or El Galeon, tickets are $12 for adults and $5 for children twelve and under.