GWINN — Voters in the First Congressional District will have three different candidates to choose from when they head to the polls on Election Day.

Diane Bostow is running against Jack Bergman and Lon Johnson in vying for Dan Benishek’s seat in Washington. Bostow, who lives in Gwinn, is a Libertarian.

This is her first time running for office. Bostow is a former high school teacher and business owner.

If elected, Bostow says she would work to reduce the size of the federal government.

“The federal government was designed to be a thin layer of government with the states and it’s become this big, bloated, tell the states what to do kind of thing,” said Bostow. “Libertarians want to see the power go to the states and have a much smaller federal government. Smaller federal government means more money back in our pockets.”

Bostow has very strong ties to the Libertarian Party. Her first cousin is Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Nominee for President.

Election Day is set for November 8th.