Memorial sign unveiled at local baseball park

HANCOCK — From now on, when players take the fields at the Hancock Driving Park, they’ll for whom those hallowed grounds are named after.

In 2015, the Hancock City Council named the baseball field the Bill Givens Memorial Little League Field, named after one of the areas most dedicated players and coaches.

And now the softball field has been named after long-time ball player and Hancock resident Gordy Schaaf.

Ceremony Honoree Gordy Schaaf said, “I tell you, when I started in baseball when I was 12 years old, I never expected it to culminate in a thing like this. I feel like the President of the United States. And to see all these people here, some traveled a long way to get here—knowing that it could be rained out, everything is going well so far so I think the Lord is going to take good care of us.”

Bill Givens passed away in 2003, so his son, Chris, spoke on his behalf, saying his father would be thrilled.

Chris Given’s said, “He was very passionate about Little League Baseball and certainly passionate about serving others, so to have this kind of an honor is very special and I know that he’d be thrilled.”

The sign was made possible through the efforts of the Hancock City Council and the Hancock Recreation Commission with funding though the Western Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Region.