MARQUETTE — The ‘dark store’ issue has been in and out of the headlines for the past few years. Navigating the web of tax tribunal decisions and big box stores can be a daunting task for anyone.

Dwight Brady, a Professor of Communications at Northern Michigan University, is exploring the whole story with his soon–to–premiere documentary, “Boxed In,” which he produced with the help of some of his students.

“What this documentary does is it puts all these disparate stories under one roof, because we’ve learned about this over a long period of time,” said Brady. “Now, we’re kind of putting all of this together into one tidy little box, no pun intended.”

The production provided hands–on learning opportunities to students. Some even got the chance to visit the State Capitol.

“It was really a great immersion for the students to be in that environment doing real journalism out in the field,” Brady added.

The community premiere of “Boxed In” will be held on August 24th at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette. WNMU Public TV 13 will also be airing the documentary on September 1st and 2nd. Click here to find out more about the documentary.