HOUGHTON / HANCOCK — Work crews continue to repair damage caused by severe storms Thursday night. The National Weather Service says two and a half inches of rain fell in less than one hour, causing flash flooding in some areas of Houghton and Hancock.

This house on Elm Street in Hancock had part of its foundation wiped out. On the other side of the canal, Old Mill Hill Road in Adams Township had to be closed by the Canal Road.

Houghton County Highway Engineer Kevin Harju said, “A lot of debris blocked the pipes and then it came on top of the roadway and proceeded to move debris across the road. There was undermining where the water actually went underneath the blacktop on Old Mill Road. That’ll probably be closed throughout the weekend. It will be open for emergency traffic, but localized traffic will have to use an alternate route.”

The Canal Road was expected to be open by the end of the day with permanent repairs beginning next week.