MARQUETTE — Teachers all across the state held protests in response to an alleged unconstitutional law that took millions of dollars from their paychecks.

Members of the Federation of Teachers and Michigan Education Association gathered throughout the state, but locally in Marquette and Escanaba. The protesters are demanding Governor Snyder to stop court rulings that found five-hundred and fifty million dollars previously taken out of teacher’s paychecks.

“Three different courts have spoken and said this money was taken illegally, unconstitutionally and Governor Snyder just doesn’t want to drop it, it was not imposed on any other state employees” said Marquette Senior High School Teacher, Fred Cole.

A previous petition was signed by more than thirty-three thousand teachers and brought to Governor Snyder’s office asking him to not appeal a previous court ruling. More than 50 school employees later rallied outside of Snyder’s office in Lansing, which is when Snyder filed his appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court. For many Michigan teachers, the three percent in their pay is a huge difference.

“This is important enough that we feel Snyder stole our money that I’m on vacation, I took a day out of vacation to come out here and march with my sisters and brothers that are out here and teachers because it’s important enough to us” said Detroit Public Schools employee, Cynthia Nicholas.

The protesters mentioned that rallies and protests such as these will continue until they receive the money owed back to them.