MARQUETTE — Well the annual Blueberry Festival is back for another year in downtown Marquette.

Starting at 10 AM this morning, blueberries flooded the streets of Washington and Front. Local vendors started covering the streets with blueberry related items along with special sales in honor of the festival. For one local farmer, it is always an exciting festival, even if that means picking thousands of pounds in blueberries.

“It goes from right when we pick it, right into this box and then a refrigerated trailer and then we come up here. I think we brought up four-thousand pounds and it doesn’t last the weekend at all” Blueberry Farmer, Tim Zelemka.

The festival gives local business that chance to interact with the community and try out some new blueberry related recipes.
Babycakes, a local bakery in Marquette even had blueberry flavored dog treats.

“It’s such a festive occasion, I mean everyone is out enjoying the weather. Marquette is just booming right now. We have blueberry muffins of course, we have blueberry walnut bread, we have blueberry lemonade cake, we have blueberry galecs, and we have blueberry cheesecake bars” said Babycakes Owner, Kim Danielson.

Despite the title of the festival, other foods can also be found such as carnival styled foods. If you didn’t get the chance to stop by the festival yet today, you still have time because it runs until 7 p.m. tonight.