MARQUETTE — The city of Marquette has approved the reconstruction of a busy Marquette intersection.

The intersection of College and Lincoln will be undergoing various repairs to the street along with the traffic light. The light has not been updated for a couple years and needs new equipment, such as pedestrian countdown materials. As of right now, the reconstruction is under budget at slightly over one–million dollars.

The repairing of this intersection wasn’t the only prevalent issue discussed at the City of Marquette’s Commission meeting, but also firework display permits as well. The fireworks that will be coming into Marquette on Friday night to prepare for the Fourth of July, need to be ensured of safety for all.

“We have a responsibility with the fireworks committee to have liability insurance, what are our precautions that involve the fire department, the police department and so it’s very important.” Said Marquette County Commissioner Thomas Baldini, “and it’s here to get certification and permission of the city.”

Baldini also wanted to remind everyone of all the exciting events that will be coming up this weekend, such as the Fourth of July Parade and various events that will be happening at Mattson Park.