Children accept challenge of building robot

ESCANABA — If you love legos and robotics than this camp at a local college is for you.

The Lego Robotics Camp has returned to Bay College in Escanaba. This camp allows children between the ages of seven and twelve to learn valuable problem solving skills, engineering methods, and programming concepts. The camp offers a variety of different levels from children who have no robotics experience to advanced students as well. Each level consists of children who are divided into different groups and asked to create a robot.

“It’s such a great introduction to STEM because who doesn’t like robots? Said JMP Specialist Kim Gregg, “and they’re really fun and really cool so they get some opportunities to do some STEM activities really get interested in, really engaged with robotics and science.”

When the day begins, the children create a plan for making a robotic device and by the end of the day, all the teams race to see who has the quickest lego robot. The camp also has different robotic related activities, giving the children plenty of time to learn and have fun.

“I love playing with the robot and seeing how it works. We did the complicated one first and I figured out how to move his head forward” said camp participant, Allie.

The camp has eight different sessions and will continue through July 21st. For any information on registration, click here.