Worlds first erasable printer gifted to a local middle school

MARQUETTE — The world’s first erasable type printer and copier has made its way to a local middle school.

A presentation was held today at Bothwell Middle School to unveil the new Paper Recycling Copier donated by Toshiba and PCC Technology in Marquette.

Print is erased off the paper with a heat mechanism, which then allows the paper to be used up to twenty times more.
C–O–TWO emissions are reduced by nearly eighty percent between paper reuse and bio–based plastics used in the production of the printer.

“We buy tens of thousands of dollars a year in paper and have that ongoing expense and whenever we can save, save what we’re putting in the dumpsters as far as garbage goes, doing what we can to recycle, help the local environment, to certainly help our budget and our bottom line. It made a whole lot of sense to us.”

“This is a sort of a win–win all the way through and we’re very pleased to be able to present this to the Marquette Area Public Schools and it’s something that we sort of felt an obligation.”

The copier combines ecologically–friendly and financially–sound practices that encourages the maximization of resources.
The donation is one of two–hundred and fifty printers distributed around the country as a part of Toshiba’s Sustainable School Program.

PCC Technology will provide free servicing to the copier.