UPDATE: Missing man found, last seen camping near U.P.

UPDATE — 5:43 p.m. Monday, June 13, 2016 (EDT)

The sister of the missing man says Kevin has been found and is “OK”. She extends her appreciation for sharing the information.

The Florence Country Sheriff’s office says this has been resolved. “We have made contact with Kevin at our office. He is doing fine. He was not at any point lost or in danger. Thank you for your concerns.”

FLORENCE — A family in the Western Upper Peninsula is worried about a missing family member. Kevin Lundquist was last seen camping along Pine River in Florence, Wisconsin when he went missing. Someone reportedly saw and talked to him three days ago. He was planning to canoe down the river.

“A DNR officer called my mom today and said that he found my brothers shirt, wallet, drivers license, money, and cell phone,” Amy Lundquist Hagerty, the missing person’s sister posted to Facebook. “If you have seen him, please get a hold of me. My mom is pretty upset. We thought he was camping with his friend this whole time.”

Kevin is a Type one Diabetic who needs insulin every day. Florence County Sheriffs Department is searching the area where he’s believed to be camping.

If you see Lundquist, please have him contact authorities, or let the Lundquists know his status. Amy Lundquist Hagerty can be reached here. Florence County Sheriff’s Department can be reached by calling (715) 528-3346.