Board of Education meeting leads to one lay-off

ISHPEMING — Back on May 16th, the Ishpeming Board of Education meeting got downright emotional. Tonight’s meeting was more tame, but the discussion remained notably serious.

A month ago, several citizens were concerned about some major budget proposals. Some that would have forced cuts to nursing hours and a guidance counselor.

Superintendent, Carrie Meyer had this to say before the meeting, “With the retirement of a principal and some restructuring, we are able to keep those items in place. There was also some concern about kindergarten aids. We are doing some restructuring of the aids, but we are going to keep services in place. And we are able to do this due to some administrative restructures throughout the district.”

However, the community’s major concern tonight was for a beloved custodial director who’s job was on the line. By the end of the meeting, his job was safe; but a speech–therapist has been laid-off.

The Board of Education looked into saving money through cuts in food service, custodial, and non–instructional staff.