Third and fourth graders participate in Track & Field Day

ISHPEMING — Third and fourth grade students from Birchview Elementary got out of the classroom and onto the track.

Track and Field Day teaches the students a competitive nature at the middle or high school level. The kids participated in various running competitions, relays, long distance throw and jump.

Many of the students had some playful banter, but most just cheered on their fellow students. During Track and Field Day almost every student got excited about exercise and competition.

“To get the kids outside on a nice day,” said P.E. Teacher Ryan Reichel, “to be competitive and to see how much fun they’re having it makes this job just so much easier to do. At the end of a school year you get pretty burnt out but this reinvigorates you to push through the last few days. Seeing the kids this happy makes it all worth it.”

The students even had a sizeable audience in the stands. This event has been a part of Ishpeming Public Schools for over twenty years since before coach Olson began within the district.