MARQUETTE — We all know about the perils lurking in the streets every day. But for the homeless, especially during the summer months, those dangers are multiplied.

Swimming in a series of storms and a barrage of insects are dangers with drugs and alcohol and criminal activity. And the truth is; it’s as difficult to find refuge as it is for volunteers to set it up.

One such group has dealt with that challenge, for the early part of summer, at least, providing refuge at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church.

Volunteer, Mary Jane Lynch heads a group of concerned citizens who began an emergency shelter for homeless people.

“It is hard to find a place. I do know that the state of Michigan is working harder now to get housing first for people. Because people with multiple problems – let’s say alcohol or addiction and homelessness – are not going to be able to work on anything until they get a home.”

St. Mark’s is providing the space until July 17th, but the search continues for housing beyond that point.

In close to three weeks, the shelter has seen 25 people come through.

Those interested in volunteering or providing space can call Mary Jane Lynch at 906-360-5279.