UPDATE — 6:00 a.m. May 27, 2016 (EDT)

MARQUETTE — Just as ABC crowned a winner for Dancing With the Stars, Marquette County puts on its fourth annual “Dancing With Our Stars”.

The glamorous pre–show party took place at Northern Michigan University’s Hedgecock Building.

This was the fourth annual dance–show, and this year’s came with a twist.

Lindsay Hemmila, a marketing manager for the event, explained “So in March, each couple was given, out of a random draw, a pop–icon from (various) generations. And they were also given a style with that pop icon that they had to learn the dance to.”

The ever–growing event is put on to benefit the U.P. Hospice Foundation and its programs, with all of the proceeds being donated back to the patients and their families.

“You know every year, we learn a little bit more. There’s always little twists. Things just get bigger and better. And we’re really, really proud of that,” beamed Hemmila.

Around 500 people packed the Forest Roberts Theater to watch, with a whopping 200 more staying behind at the Hedgecock for the live-stream.

The mirror ball winners were Dan and Kelly Mead. Fans voted Melodie and Travis Alexander as their favorite. And the thriller winners were Meghan and Bill Digneit.