NEGAUNEE — Marquette County is cleaning up after the two tornadoes that swept through the area yesterday.

The first tornado touched down west of Republic around 2:30 p.m. and the second one followed with a straight shot across M-95 and headed east of County Road 581. No injuries were reported and most of the damage done was to pine trees.

“We actually, fortunately most of the damage that we found, was mainly tree damage but we did have some trees that fell kind of close to homes and near some camp structures anyway.” Said Meteorologist Keith Cooley, “so that is the main structural damage that we had, it’s just kind of near misses really.”

The National Weather Service first sent out the tornado warning when the radar was showing debris being picked up and brought into the storm. Tornadoes are very rare in the U.P., making the chances of having two in the same day very uncommon.

“Yesterday is really kind of rare for this area.” Said Cooley, “I mean if we see one a year and we’ve had two on the same day just you know, 30 to 40 minutes apart, it’s definitely a rare thing here.”

The National Weather Service said as of right now, there looks to be no severe weather in the near future.