MARQUETTE — A unique opportunity is heading to Marquette this fall for yoga–lovers.

A training class to become a certified yoga instructor will be available to the public. The class takes an in–depth analysis of various types of yoga like sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls.

“I’ve always known there was a need because when I started my training, it was only available away from the U.P. so I had to go out to various parts of the country to get my 200–hour certification,” said Marquette Yoga Center Owner Mary Connor. “I’ve had many phone calls of people wanting to learn and it becomes a little bit expensive if you have to go away and learn.”

This is the first yoga school taught in Marquette. An instructor from Be the Love Yoga in Petoskey will co–teach with Connor.

“I think it would be great to be able to get a lot more people from the outlying areas. I know there’s a lot of people in Houghton area that want to have yoga classes and there really aren’t places to do it up there,” Connor added. “So we’re hoping to get some folks from maybe the Soo, Escanaba, maybe Ironwood.”

The class is one weekend a month and starts in September and runs through March. Payment plan options are available upon inquiry. To register, click here to see Be the Love’s website.