MARQUETTE — This summer, you may notice some new and exciting changes on the streets of Marquette.

In an attempt to make the city a more unique place, Marquette will be using a $3,500 grant to liven up the streets.

The city’s Arts and Culture Department is using the “Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper Place Making” grant to integrate arts into the economic development of the community.

Arts and Culture Manager Tiina Harris has plenty of ideas to spruce up the streets, including a revamping of parklets, which made their debut on Third Street last year.

“Parklets are a small component of Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper Place Making. There are so many other things we are doing,” said Harris. “For example, art week is a part of that as well. Whether it’s music on the streets, a concert, that’s what that money will go towards as well, finding ways to make our streets come to life and making them more livable.”

Just one parklet is in the works so far. It will be placed near Zero Degrees Artist Gallery as a way to extend their gallery and encourage more local gatherings.

Harris said the grant may go towards other ideas like murals but will primarily focus on cost effective and creative ideas.