MARQUETTE — This week is Wildfire Prevention Week and the DNR is using it as an opportunity to teach the public preventative measures.

Fire managers across the state declared this week as a prime week for fire occurrences in Michigan. This sparked their desire to educate the public on the dangers of fire.

The biggest problems posed with this time of year is the lack of rain and the increased activity of people in the woods and residents cleaning their yards.

“Most of the fires this time of year are human caused, mainly debris burning or sometimes equipment [when] people get out into the fields and farming. Also ATV’s and that sort of thing with turkey season going on and people out in the woods more,” said DNR Fire Specialist Scott Lakosky. “The fires this time of year are quite often are started at or near homes so that’s a primary concern – structure protection and public safety.”

To prevent wildfires, the DNR encourages residents to obtain burn permits, have the proper extinguishing equipment around when burning and to exercise general awareness of the area.

For more tips and information about Wildfire Prevention Week, visit the DNR’s website.