MARQUETTE — Residential renewable energy was the focus of the final seminar of the academic year hosted by the Northern Climate Network at NMU.

The presentation was given by Steve Waller, who discussed his experience as a member of the Advisory Committee on Efficiency, Renewables and Environment in Alger–Delta County. Waller also helped change the habits of an electrical cooperative from the inside.

“There’s no reason that we should not be doing more renewable energy ourselves,” said Presenter Steve Waller, “on our own residences. The cost benefits, health benefits, environmental benefits are all there. It’s just that sometimes we don’t understand that very well and it’s not presented very well.”

Waller is a Marquette resident, with a home that’s solar and wind powered. He added that these types of options flourish in the Upper Peninsula.

“They think well it’s colder up here so it’s not going to work. Actually, solar panels do better in cold weather than they do in warm weather. The price of electricity is what determines the return of your investment. The return on the investment for renewable energy is actually quite good.”

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