MARQUETTE — Locals could step out of their comfort zone and into the dance zone today thanks to the Northern Center for Lifelong Learning.

The NCLL partnered with Dance Zone in Marquette to offer a ballroom dancing class for those wishing to sweep their partner off their feet. Today’s class learned the slow waltz one of Gil and Judy Martin’s favorites.

Instructor Gil Martin says, “Now slow waltz…you can hear the music in the background, that’s slow waltz. One, two, Three. One, two, three. So it gives you time to dance and it doesn’t stress your body.”

The Martin’s started dancing together in high school in 1955 and haven’t stopped moving since. They teach dancing now because of it’s many benefits.

Gil says, “Well we know that anyone who dances while backing up does not have a problem remembering, with cognitive learning. It’s absolutely wonderful.”

“And also balance,” his wife and dance partner Judy Martin added, “it’s very good for your balance. As you grow older and you do more sitting and less walking you really need to do some movements that exercise your large muscles – and dancing is a great way to do it, and fun at the same time.”

Dance Zone has several classes from square dancing to belly dancing, and even features live bands and open dancing, too.

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