MARQUETTE — April 15th is known as ‘Tax Day’, the last day you have to file your taxes on time with the Internal Revenue Service.

Thanks to a federal holiday, taxpayers will have an additional few days to file their taxes this year. For most people, taxes are due on April 18th.

According to Brendon Krause of Krause Certified Accounting & Tax, PLLC, business has picked up in recent weeks. Krause says that people who owe money and wait until the last minute to file can result in a surprise.

“You want to know what you owe by tax day because even if you extend your return, that’s not an extension of time to pay, so you may be able to get out of what’s called ‘failure to pay penalties if you file or extend your return by tax day,” said Krause. “But you do not necessarily get out of necessarily failure to pay penalties and interest.”

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