MARQUETTE — A Michigan–based business opened their seventeenth branch in Marquette this morning.

Etna Supply is a wholesale retailer for plumbing and underground facilities. The store sells products for gas, water and sewage.

The newest location for the company is close to full stock inside with work still being done to the yard. A majority of their clients are contractors, businesses and municipalities, but Etna is happy to sell to individuals as well.

Etna, which already has a small store in Sault Ste. Marie, has been planning a Westward expansion for a few years, according to Marquette Branch CEO, Perry Wooden.

“It’s been a long plan. You’ve got a marketing team that’s gone right through all your demographics involved in finding the right area to be in, to find out if it’s going to be worth putting a branch in this area,” Wooden said. “This [has] been something that I’ve been waiting for myself for quite a while to get a position and yeah, [I am] real excited.”

The store has four employees including Wooden and two drivers who focus on both local and U.P. distribution. There are sixteen other locations in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.