MARQUETTE — The Relay for Life cancer fundraiser has begun at Northern Michigan University, and support for the fight against cancer is filling the campus.

The fundraiser celebrates the lives of cancer survivors, those who are fighting cancer, and to remember those who have died from the disease. Every step the participants take demonstrates the commitment to a goal of a cancer free world.

This fundraiser is a 24 hour event. There is no obligation to stay the entire time, but that doesn’t stop people from doing so.

It signifies that cancer never sleeps. A lot of these people do stay for the full 24 hours,” said Relay For Life Committee Member Claire Avery, “because a lot of people have really strong connections to cancer. It really hits a chord with a lot of people, and people are committed to it.”

In addition to participants walking laps in the gym to raise money, the event includes basketball and dodgeball tournaments, food, music and more.

The fundraiser runs through Saturday at noon at the Vanadament gym. There is no cover cost and participants are free to come and go at any time.