MARQUETTE — An educational forum was held at Northern Michigan University this afternoon to discuss ISIS.

The discussion covered the history of ISIS and different tactics to deal with the situation. Carter Wilson, NMU’s Political Science Department Head along with visiting professor Dr. Hanna Kassab served on the panel and lead the discussion.

“As a professor of political science, I always tell people that I believe that an educated and informed public is the bed-rock of a free and democratic society,” said NMU Political Science Depart Head Dr. Carter Wilson, “and universities have a responsibility to facilitate this educational process.”

The forum included a phone conference from William McCants, who is an author of multiple books on ISIS and a leading expert.

“He’s written a lot about politics in Islamic countries and he’s going to enlighten us on the nature of this problem, the extent of the problem, and what we can do about this problem.”

Over 30 people attended the event including professors, college students, and interested members of the community.