MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — One of the most important aspects of event planning for cities and townships is communication – and one local township is looking to improve the way they communicate to its residents.

Just about all of us have someone that we know that no matter how many e-mails, calls or mailings we send them – they will still forget our event.

Well Marquette Township is having a similar issues with it’s residents, so they are trying a new marketing technique for 2016.

Marquette Township Manager Randy Girard says, “What’s being proposed now is to enhance, similar to what some of the other businesses have done with a jingle basically. Something that is self identifying when you hear it on the radio. We’ve partnered with Sunny [101.9] for our radio communications.”

The township won’t be using any extra taxpayer money, it is just getting creative with the funds already allotted to radio ads.

They hope that when residents hear the jingle on the stations of Great Lakes Radio they know that it’s not just another commercial and that they should listen to hear more about an upcoming event. It would be like if you have a separate ring tone on your cell phone for your mom or spouse, so that when you hear it you know it’s important.

Great Lakes Radio President Todd Noordyk says, “Great Lakes Radio has 10 stations that will feature Marquette Township’s new song on all 10 stations, along with our dozen websites. And then the township and the business association will also have that song on their website. And it might even be on hold, music on hold at the township. So if you get put on hold you’ll hear the townships song also.”

Frank Baker “The Jingle Maker” out of Memphis, Tennessee will create the jingle.