Local principal receives Regional Honors Award

NEGAUNEE — A Negaunee administrator recently received an award that is comparable to being called the Principal of the Year for the U.P.

Lakeview Elementary School Principal Julie Peterson was recognized by the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principal’s Association as the 2015 Regional Honors Award recipient for Region 14. Region 14 includes the entire U.P., which has over 50 school districts.

Members from the Negaunee District say that Peterson was more than deserving of the award.

“I worked along–side Julie for the past six years when we were both principals,” said Negaunee Public School District Superintendent Dan Skewis,” I was at the middle school and of course she was at our elementary school. Her knowledge base as far as curriculum is second to none she’s really organized and from the elementary side of things, now as the superintendent I rely on her a lot.”

Peterson added that the award was the result of a team effort throughout all of Negaunee Schools.

“We have some outstanding employees so for one of us to be recognized like this; we’re very proud. We feel that Julie is very deserving as do her colleagues. There’s definitely a sense of pride that has been brought back to the district.”

Mrs. Peterson was nominated by other MEMSPA principals from around the area.