MARQUETTE — The city of Marquette will continue to be in safe hands after Monday night’s City Commission Meeting.

Earlier in the fall, former Chief of Police Mike Angeli took over as interim city manager. When he decided to make the change more permanent, the city needed someone to fill his shoes. Monday night, former patrol captain Robert Blake Rieboldt took on a well earned promotion.

“He’s a very good person. He’s been in the police department for 21 years, he’s very good at what he does, he’s got good administrative skills, gets along with people very well and he’s going to be well positioned to take this new job,” said Mayor Dave Campana

“It’s very humbling, its very exciting, I’m very nervous. I think I’ve had a good predecessor who’s taught me a lot and who’s really gain the knowledge I need to step into this role and I’m looking forward to the transition,” added Rieboldt.

Angeli’s contributions to the city were not forgotten. Representative and former Marquette mayor John Kivela was also on hand to congratulate him for his 38 years of service.