KEWEENAW — Winter parking bans go into effect in communities throughout the Peninsula this weekend.

In addition to setting your clocks back an hour this weekend, you will also need to remember to stop leaving your car parked on the street overnight. That’s because for many Upper Peninsula cities and villages, November 1st marks the start of the Winter Parking restrictions.

Though some policies differ slightly, vehicles cannot be left on city streets in parking structures between 2am and 7am, or you will be ticketed or worse.

Lt. Nick Roberts of the Houghton Police Department said, “We’re giving out warnings right now just to remind people it’s coming up so prepare. After November 1 st , please do not park on the streets between 2am and 7am. Otherwise, you could receive a night parking ticket, which is $35. And, if we have to plow or it’s snowing out, you could very well get towed also. So, in total, that would be a cost of $110 for you.”

A ticket can be issued whether it has snowed or not.

The ban will be in effect through April.