Candidates meet with community members during forum

MARQUETTE — While you may have been focused on the presidential election, there’s another vote coming up soon right in your neighborhood.

Marquette will hold elections for the City Commission and the Board of Light and Power next week. Thursday night they held a Candidate’s Forum to help familiarize the public with the candidates and get a feel for their policies.

“It’s important for them to know who the candidates are, what they represent, how they come across. You know, you’re basing things on maybe seeing, but you should be reading and listening to the community of other people who have opinions and make an informed decision on who you want to be a city commissioner or a member of the Board of Light and Power,” said Jerry Irby, who’s running for a position on the Board of Light and Power.

“I’m currently a first time home owner and I’m very curious as to where my tax money is going. I would say the issues that people have, especially new homeowners, probably would be city services like garbage collection and just the prices that we pay for utilities. Hopefully they won’t go up to much,” added Meredith Lyons, who’s running for the Board of Commissioners.

There were a total of eight candidates speaking Thursday evening. The general election takes place Tuesday, November 3rd. If you’re not sure of your polling place, follow this link.